A testimony to the holocaust

“I was the only Pole to live and work among them there, from its inception to its liquidation.” – Tadeusz Pankiewicz

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“Tadeusz Pankiewicz’s memoirs are one of the most important testimonies to the history – and the tragic fate – of the Krakow Ghetto Jews.” – Prof. Czesław Brzoza

“In 1941, Mr.Pankiewicz and other non-Jewish inhabitants of the ghetto in Krakow were ordered to leave, but he persuaded the Nazi administrators to allow him to stay there so that he could continue selling medicine. His pharmacy evolved into a hiding place and a clearing house for escape information.
Mr.Pankiewicz also created a secret vault under his pharmacy that was used to store Torahs and other religious artefacts. He is believed to fave been the only Polish non-Jew to survive the destruction of the ghetto by the Germans in 1943.” Richard D.Lyons, “The New York Times”

“And they came… The news spread further through the crowd. People came out of their tenements or opened their windows – everyone in the ghetto watched what was happening in the streets. The motionless, half-demented gaze of the crowd was fixed blankly on the procession of deportees. The procession – old people, men, women and children – came down Targowa Street and across Zgoda Square towards Płaszów. On their backs they carried their most valuable possessions and whatever they considered to be the most useful objects for their journey into an unknown future.”
(from “The Krakow Ghetto Pharmacy”)

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