HANA’S SUITCASE – Karen Levine


“A story that is universal in its appeal; in telling the story, it brings one small face – a little girl with a faraway look in her eyes and a slight smile – into sharp focus. It turns one more victim of the Holocaust into a flesh-and-blood human being that adults and children can relate to” – Yed Vashem – The International School for Holocaust Studies

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Czechoslovakia, summer 1942… Tokyo, winter 2000.

An empty battered suitcase arrives in a small Holocaust museum in Japan, winter 2000, from Auschwitz. Its discovery sparks an incredible journey to trace the truth about what happened to a young girl, Hana Brady, and her family.

Beginning in Czechoslovakia in 1942, Hana’s Suitcase tells the moving story of a search that spans across three continents and back in time to the darkest days of wartorn Europe.

“I have been deeply moved… highly recommended” – Rabbi Lionel Blue

“Levine’s account… stands as a particularly poignant reminder… and offers a vital lesson in the need for tolerance and respect.” – The Times

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