The Portraitist – DVD


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This is a remarkable film – of images remembered from one of history’s greatest horrors and the wrenching pain of one man’s memories. Forced to witness terror in the eyes before him. Wilhelm Brasse’e story sets our eyes anew to a profound humanity we cannot forget and must everywhere see. Director Irek Dobrowolski infuses his documentary with unexpected life and movement, startling us with the lure of shadows across the screen. We are drawn in, beyond faceless atrocity, back from the curtain of “thoughts … too deep for tears.” It is an astonishing, unique achievement, elevating with haunting grace and sensitivity the conviction that beauty and hope are possible amid the darkest hours. Out of the unendurable, there is courage. Out of devastation, there is art. The Portraitist is both.

Misako Miyagawa, Journalist, U.S.A

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